Standard Transformers

Besides high voltage and special transformers we can also offer you a wide range of 1-ph and 3-ph standard transformers.

Product Range

Various types of construction
Voltage up to 1’100 V AC Ortsfest oder ortsveränderlich
With separate isolated windings or single winding
As safety or isolation transformer
Impregnated under vacuum pressure


Constructed in accordance with EN 61558 ff
Single-phase transformer up to 25 kVA
Three-phase transformer up to 40 kVA

Type TE-A

Power: Up to approx. 1‘100V AC
Power for TYPE TE Up to approx. 3‘500 VA

As safety or isolation transformer also (EN 61558-2-4, EN 61558-2-6)
As auto-transformer also (EN 61558-2-13)
Impregnated under vacuum pressure

Datasheet TYPE TE-A

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